Give me spring! - Malyna

Give me spring!

The first sunny days are inextricably linked with the holiday of spring and femininity. And every true lady from birth to noble wrinkles, loves to cheat, catch on her enthusiastic looks, hear compliments and receive nice gifts!

What will help to meet this spring worthily and will never be overused in her wardrobe? Malyna will help you find out the answer and pick up a harmonious combination!

Stylish dress – as always, a win-win decision! Dress will definitely become not only an excellent gift for the holiday, but also will emphasize the kind, adds a good mood at any time. Choose a gentle and original bright blue dress with a lace belt and a fainted skirt and you will not regret it! The saturated color invariably matches both the little blond and brunettes. Exquisite design and a good cut will do their thing and the little princess will feel at all a hundred guests, at a party, in the theater or just by walking through the city!

blue dress for girls

Colorful floral prints are a popular trend this season, which dictates trends for everyday, and for holiday children’s dresses! And “Malyna” will open for you a truly generous palette!

The deep, rich blue hue instantly comes to life through the scattering of flowers of color of the cappuccino. It is a lightweight short-sleeve blouse, 70% made up of cotton, 30% polyester and all 101% of the elegance and good mood of its little owner!

nice dress for girl

The shades of fuchsia and juicy strawberries are also the unchanging attribute of the spring collection of children’s dresses. The practical cut will allow you to feel comfortable and confident, and refined flounces and draperies will serve as an extra nibble.

violet casual dress for girls

So, the choice of a stylish dress is a pleasure, but even more pleasant to know that the image of a little princess will be perfectly perfect due to successful outfits. Namely – a fashionable and comfortable coat oversize from “Malyna”! The warm and light woolen cloth may be of pink quartz or gray hue of the Arctic ice – up to your choice. In any case, the girl has no chance to freeze or to be not in trend in such coat! 🙂