New collection of summer clothes for girls "Palette of Inspiration" - Malyna

New collection of summer clothes for girls “Palette of Inspiration”

How to understand that the muse came to visit and shared inspiration? Sparks light up in your eyes, the legs dance on the spot from impatience, you will fulfill your determination to conquer the world! In practically this mood we created a new capsule collection of Malyna summer dresses that was designed to inspire girls.
In the summer, there is always more free time and color, more sunny bunnies in the palm of your hand, more wind in your hair … Enlightened world leads to discoveries and creativity. And what, as an inspiration, do not need to wait? What, how can all you take in your girly pens?
Do not postpone tomorrow and do not expect a special occasion! Every new day is an opportunity to dress a beautiful dress and create!

Lemon summer dress “Etude” – charm at first sight, while during the specimen – finally conquers the heart!
The model is almost unimportant due to the original cut, so even in the hottest weather the girl will feel comfortable and confident! The dress combines several successful design solutions at once: asymmetrical elementss on one shoulder and juicy raspberry bow on the other.
All internal seams – the same sweet color. And the key element is the application of a bird, made by hand with special care, so that the girl remembered that she has wings! The model is great for summer walks, sea trips and companions with friends!

“Modern Art”. This dairy dress is for daring girls with a subtle sense of style! The model is virtually unimportant due to the original cut and combines several successful designer designs at once: one-shoulder handkerchiefs and a print-large circles of raspberry and black are asymmetrically arranged. Such a girly and at the same time a little furious! To her perfect match festive shoes, ballet shoes or even … cool boots!

The “Pop Art” suit of lightweight Italian viscose and cotton is an impeccable solution for walks through the park or the beach, picnics or a trip to a cafe with friends! The open-shouldered blouse harmoniously combines with loose trousers in beige peas, and raspberry straps-bows echo with a belt. And what about how to separate them? – do not refuse yourself in the experiment! Create new images, because in the wardrobe of every girl there should be space for creativity!

The dress “Watercolor” is similar to the palette of the artist who is preparing to present the world a new masterpiece! From this printout it is difficult to tear a look … On the shoulders – wide straps that cross the back. Separation – in the form of a magnificent volla (with an extra lemon inset) that luxuriously wraps its legs and fun in a dance! This is a model from the series “Try and Love”. To dress it does not require a special occasion: it itself is a source of sunshine, inspiration and grace!

Dress “Pop Art” – fashionable peas for any occasion! The same is the same style as the “Watercolor” sarafan. A party or a picnic? A rally or just a walk in the city? – this model will be suitable at any occasion and will create a special mood! Luckily combined with sandals, shoes, shoes.

Dress “Hummingbirds” perfectly matches any figure. Luxurious lightweight fabric with the original print frees down to the bottom.
Bright raspberry straps are fixed over the shoulders, crossing the back. This model is an ideal helper in the heat, and it will surely become a favorite when traveling to a river or sea. Until the sarafan will fit a bonnet, a delicate necklace or a choker and practically any summer shoes (rubber boots are not exceptions 🙂

You can do painting, sculpture, vocals, dancing or bunching together, or you can simply share a good mood. The main art that one has to master for every girl is art BEING YOU! True and different everyday! And the dresses Malyna will certainly help to do it with pleasure!