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New collection of elegant dresses “Dress – like a dance”

How many dresses are there in your wardrobe, girl? Probably, they are all beautiful: there are warm and practically weightless, with voluminous skirts, packs and naughty prints and ruffles. But … I bet that there are not many of those in whom you feel ready to conquer the scene and win hearts? Or forget about the scene. Let it be a dress in which you just sound … tender and unique, like a beautiful touching melody. So, now everything will change, because “Malyna” has created a new collection in which each children’s dress is not only luxurious and elegant. In these dresses music and love are sewn in, which inspire and inspire little fairies. They want to dance without stopping, spinning in time with a fluffy skirt.

Dress for girls Jete will allow to reincarnate in ballerina! No tightly laced corsets or pointe shoes: only grace, grace and comfort! The main fabric is a luxurious royal satin, the lining is 100% cotton, and the fluffiness of the skirt provides soft tulle that gently envelops the figure without tingling the legs! By the way, about the legs: they definitely like the delicate white socks handmade, helping to create a great image!
It remains to choose the color of the dress: milky, peach or powdery? What option would you not choose – it will be successful!

Dress Pirouette – a model with a unique cut and especially fluffy, asymmetrical skirt! It is surprisingly light and comfortable, ideal for any physique! Delicate flowers with pearls are created by our craftswomen by hand, with special attention and love for small, but such important details. The base fabric is a luxurious, airy, light organza, and a soft cotton lining gives extra comfort.

A festive Fleur dress in pink or lavender is like a new ballerina’s new collection. This model is absolutely unique: an incredibly luxurious Jacquard, from which a dress is sewn, in itself creates a special mood.
Bright floral ensemble, slightly fluffy skirt, V-neck on the back and an elegant belt-bow (which, by the way, can be worn in tandem with other dresses). The combination of these ingredients provided the birth of a dress that will definitely make every girl happy. We checked 🙂

Fuete’s original children’s dress allows you to fantasize and experiment with bows! The model consists of two separate parts: a cotton dress-combination on the straps, on top of it is a transparent canopy dress with mischievous patches. Circling in the dance, attend social events or just a weekday to cheer yourself up? – This dress will perfectly cope with any task!

The art of dance is a manifestation of mood, feelings that are transmitted through perfected technique. Each Malyna dress is like a dance in which a piece of soul and masterful performance have been put. Enjoy, little fairy! Dress up and dance, and the dresses “Malyna will make your every move easy and beautiful!