Flower Ball: Let the Fairy Tale Begin! - Malyna

Flower Ball: Let the Fairy Tale Begin!

There is a dream that unites all girls without exception: from the first joyful dance to the twists and turns, when you master the power of little legs, and to the waltz on the occasion of a golden wedding. This is a BALL. Gorgeous and poignantly beautiful. Some girls dream quietly, secretly flipping through a collection of fairy tales, while others go into exciting searches. And now let Malyna reveal a little secret for them with a great meaning? Ball, holiday, fairy tale … it’s all in YOU! Beauty and magic are born out of inspiration in the middle and change the world: every holiday will turn into a ball of colors, if you allow yourself to dream and rejoice! Another secret is that it doesn’t take much to inspire a girl: the scent of a fresh bouquet, beautifully braided braids or curly curls, and more … a special dress!

The new Malyna Collection is the energy of the holiday and Bala long before the beginning. Juicy floral colors, lush skirts and unique elements convey the feeling
lightness and solemnity at the same time. A graduation party at a kindergarten or school, a family holiday or a party will turn into a Flower Ball, and a holiday dress will help
little dreamer feel the touch of a fairy tale right here and now!
Floral shuttlecock (maxi length) in milk, crimson or turquoise. It is hard to imagine a more festive and grown-up elegant dress than this one. The sleeveless upper is deliberately laconic and uncluttered. The waist is underlined by a belt. Instead, the skirt is long, lush, flanked diagonally and resembles a blossoming bud of a peony or rose. The model is made of luxurious royal satin, the extra comfort creates a natural cotton lining.

This dress is the embodiment of girlish charm and grace. The little owner will feel it in a unique way at a holiday in kindergarten or school, graduation, birthday or other solemn event. Perfectly paired with a Malyna jacket, floral accessories, shoes or ballet slippers.

Button dress is crimson, turquoise or dairy.

A model for energetic girls who appreciate originality and even in holiday prefer short, slightly “fancy” dresses. Delicate fitting top with tiny, fairy-like wings. The bottom part is surprisingly original, reminiscent of three rows of rounded petals that partially overlap. The dress will be the perfect match for grand events as well as for warm family dinners, birthdays, parties with friends. The perfect image will help create a jacket or belt belt Malyna, and the “highlight” will be added by accessories: tights or matching jewelry.

Fuchsia print shuttle turquoise or milk color
The shuttlecock is an absolutely win-win option for the holiday. It gives joy to hundreds of girls, and the comfortable and elegant style has proven its best! But we decided to experiment: to add more vibrant colors and color the dress with a stylish Fuchsia copyright print, which fits equally well with both turquoise and milky base colors. Fuchsia shuttlecock fills the spring sunshine even if the window is bad. The dress will emphasize the natural beauty and uniqueness of each girl and turn any holiday or party into a Flower Ball!

Dress “Flower Ball” – the embodiment of bold combinations, juicy colors and total elegance! The bodice resembles a refined corset of one color, and a lush skirt on a fat basis is another, covered with the author’s print – with juicy fuchsia! The purpose of this model is to fascinate, give joy and a fairy tale feel. It will make you feel comfortable and confident even during responsible events and on special days when you need to perform on stage or recite a poem. Perfectly complement the floral image of the Malyna belt bow or jacket if it’s cool outside.

Blume dress 
The most original model created for daring experiments with the image. Trendy oversize, voluminous flashlight sleeves, and a wide lush ruffle to complete are all you need to know about an extraordinary holiday dress. Made from a luxurious royal satin – it is comfortable and self-contained, and at the same time gives room for creativity. The dress blends seamlessly with the accessories and jackets of Malyna, while remaining open to tandem with bright tights, ballet flats, boots or even … comfortable sneakers! Who said there was no room for eclecticism and a hint of rebellion at the festival?

The Petals model is the most delicate in the collection. Emphasizes the fragility and natural charm of the girl. Lightweight petal sleeves in several rows, intersect with a skirt that resembles a delicate button in shape. Free low waist promises extra comfort, and optimum length – freedom of movement during dance, fun and wasteland. The dress is appropriate both for celebrations and as an element of “cocktail wardrobe”: for a friendly lounge, a visit to a restaurant or a theater