KAZKOVO-ZIRKOVA: just shine!
Twinkling stars and fairy pollen from the fairy tale about Peter Pen – this is the first thing that comes to mind when you first see Malyna’s limited edition KAZKOVO-ZIRKOVA collection! Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the perfect Christmas holiday! Hear the rustle of gift wrappers, the crackling of firewood and happy baby voices.
Take a look at the snowflakes dance, overflow with Christmas decorations. Breathe in the aroma of hot baking, marzipan and orange peel. Feel it? This is the long-awaited holiday! A fabulous time for cozy family lunches, party nights surrounded by friends and school performances, fairs, carnivals!
And what does it take for a girl to fully feel the atmosphere of the holiday? Of course, a new holiday dress. Shiny, lush, with a rumpled skirt or fitted. It’s like a magical ticket to a fairy country! And who knows, maybe that’s the way it is? 🙂

Dress with bilateral sequins
Gold or white? And maybe – just a little? To choose for You! This dress will definitely become a favorite in the wardrobe of festive attire! Straight cut, long sleeve, elegant cut on the back and most importantly – a magical glow in two colors. It fits perfectly with shoes or boots, but surprisingly goes well with boots or ankle boots! And more – good news for moms: the dress will be a winning decision for the onion family, because sizes are available for adult girls as well!

Star wheel
For any occasion, social event or school ball, a festive shuttle dress. Solemn and lightweight, with a lush skirt and natural lining. And if her print is an author’s work that resembles an axial constellation? In this case, a good mood and compliments will not make you wait, and the little owner of the dress will shine with happiness! Perfectly matched with Malyna shoes and Jacket.



Basque dress with shoulder strap
Holiday dress with short lush skirt and elegant decorative elements. Original and surprisingly girlish: thin-mesh sleeves, hollow steering wheel diagonally across the shoulder. Optionally, you can wear or remove the star-studded Basque that wraps and accentuates the waist. Party? Birthday? A holiday in kindergarten or school or … just a mood to feel asterisk? Boldly choose this dress and trust your senses!

Transformer dress
Incredible model that can surprise. The laconic design implies a straight cut, short sleeve and a length just above the knees. A massive handmade star print is located on a black (dairy) basis, and then … magic begins! The skirt, which diagonally gains length and adds a touch of charm and flirtation! This element of the dress can be optionally attached with invisible buttons or removed at will. So, let’s assume that the wardrobe of a little fashionista will be replenished with two dresses that can be dressed for one occasion or another, depending on your mood!
To shoes, ballet shoes, boots and any shoes at all! Can these stars not fit in something? 🙂

Black dress with spider web sleeves covered with sequins
Holiday dress for the girl: light and shiny. A versatile style that fits in with any physique, it does not interfere with movement and dance. Lightweight mesh sleeves and natural lining for added comfort, and shiny sequins for a festive mood! Adult elegance looks like a little beauty!

Jacket covered with sequins, black or milky
The perfect complement to the holiday bow! A fancy dress is a basic element of the image, but if it is light and the freshness of the air borders on coolness, it will come to the rescue – no less a festive jacket covered with sequins of black or milky color. A win-win solution in tandem with Volan dresses, but feel free to experiment and create new looks with the participation of other dresses, skirts or even pants!

Magic Pollen Dress
If there was a “How to Become a Fairy in 1 Minute” tutorial, it would only contain one sentence: Wear this dress and trust your senses! Incredibly light fabric that shines and shimmers with tiny glitter, loose cut, tiny ribbons – ties on the sleeves and waist. For family holidays, seating, theater or cinema. This model is the embodiment of fairytale fantasies and great mood!

Dress with a star applique
This model allows you to fantasize and experiment with bows! The dress consists of two separate parts: a fragile combination on the straps, and on top of it – a black transparent canopy dress with applique stars of black and gold! Elegant minimalism combined with a light glow is the key to a successful holiday!

Do you know what matters most in a holiday dress? – No, not cloth, not style and not even glitter, though, of course, without them – nowhere! Most important is the lively baby joy, the glowing eyes and the happy squeak of a girl who tried on a renovation and did not want to take it off even before bed!

Malyna Dresses by KAZKOVO-ZIRKOVA Collection are just that! Don’t take my word for it – try it and see for yourself 🙂 🙂