Flourish: everything starts with a small sprout ... - Malyna

Flourish: everything starts with a small sprout …

Is it really? … You hear it, little beauties? Instead of swirling frosty wind – the first bird melodies are heard in the morning! The sun caresses the land and she wakes up, blossoms with fresh juicy colors! So it’s time to breathe in the full bosom of the incense of young green, to turn on the most streamlined music and to jump on the jump to meet adventure! Stop. And what is the best to meet spring and these very adventures? Not in a sweater …
No panic, young lady! “Malyna” has already prepared for you a new spring collection, so that this season you have blossomed and enjoyed the actual trends! This time, we will delight you not only with elegant dresses, because the collection “Grow” from “Malyna” will help create not one “Total look”.

Dress “Waltz of Flowers” in powder or lavender tones is surprisingly delicate and light. The basic color is a vanilla cream, decorated with floral print from miniature buds and sprouts. The delicate falbaks on the sleeves and the podium add to the charm, and the lining of the natural material provides comfort and confidence.

The original  dress”Peony Riddle” – a completely non-trivial model that will win the favor of brave fashionistas! The combination of two dissimilar materials – a trendy leitmotif of this spring. The dress is dressed with lush flowers and greens, an oversized waistband guarantees comfortable seating and comfort, while the powder velor skirt emphasizes the softness and femininity of the model!

Children’s dresses “Powder Bud” and “Cobalt Bud” are also made according to the trend trend: combinations of light and heavy fabrics. The viscose lace keeps warm, and the airy flowered skirt reminds of spring ease! This model is perfect for day tandem with shoes and boots. But … Pick elegant ballet shoes or shoes and veil – bow to go to the theater, to visit or to a festive dinner – ready!

The dress is a traditionally invariable attribute of spring mood, and girls are keen on diversity! Shorts and stilts are one of the favorite items in wardrobe of little fashionistas, because it’s so convenient! There are as many as four models in the “Flourish” collection to create even more spring meadows and harmonious combinations!

The Crocus (“Saffron”) shirt is powdery or full of blue color – it’s just an excuse for everyday wardrobe! The main fabric is viscose, the lining is 100% cotton. The model is harmoniously combined with virtually any shoe. Blouse, golf, cardigan, or short shot? – Shorts will suit everything. In the side pockets you can put a handkerchief, a mirror or other gingerbread stuff, and a nasty colorful belt will emphasize the waist!

Kyloty is one of the most fashionable trousers that continue to be in the trend this season! The “Irises” model of a powder or blue shade can boast a classic, even trim, without additional elements, while the impercepible gum on the waist guarantees the most comfortable fit.

Spring is happy with the first warm rays, but the wind still does not let you forget about the cold? Put on the shoulders of a small handsome stylish elongated cardigan, do not forget about a hat of identical bundle and a perfect image – ready! Cardigan Muscari in powder or blue color is the right decision not only for spring meadows! Optimal composition (50% – wool, 50% – acrylic); practical length “for a knee”; fake pockets and hood! This model equally well matches the dress, shorts, trousers or even jeans!

Finishes the spring symphony from “Malyna” key chord – an elegant “Hyacinth” coat of natural material! Adult and stylish, like in mom … is it possible to resist temptation and not try this beauty? The win-win oversize will fit well into any figure. With the help of a non-trivial combination of shades (powder, white and gray) or (blue, white and gray), you can afford to experiment with other elements of wardrobe, accessories, shoes! Overhead pockets are a nice supplement that will come in handy when you want to hide your hands from the wind or have a mirror on your arm!

The little delicate seed passes the path of the sprout and turns into an amazing beauty of the flower. Also, the girl, knowing her uniqueness and beauty, flourishes. Each model of the new “Malyna” collection is designed to give girls the joy and nurture their uniqueness!