New School Collection - 2019 - Malyna

New School Collection – 2019

Do What You Like. Like what you do: not just clothes, but the beliefs of successful girls!

Summer is still in full swing, but the girls know that the wardrobe for the school should be prepared in advance. Choose without haste, I have time to combine new bows, trying on school dresses, shirts, blouses and skirts … School uniform? No, this phrase has long been out of trend, it is associated with boredom, monotony and conformism. We are girls of the new generation! We know what we want, we develop our strengths and we are happy to learn something new at school and beyond!
And for everyday wear to be conceptual, comfortable, and inspiring to study and relax with pleasure, the new Malyna Schoolwear Collection “Do What You Like. Like What You Do”. A wide selection of different items of clothing: school dresses, skirts, blouses and stylish accessories tailored to the theme, will help to create the perfect wardrobe schoolgirl daily or to complement the existing one!

Dress Flower (Dark Blue, Light Blue, or Gray)
Elegant and laconic model. An excellent solution for school days, which will also ensure freedom of movement during fun games with friends. Optimal length and free cut are the key to all-day comfort. The base color is harmoniously complemented by white cufflinks and collar.
The undeniable advantage of dresses is versatility. It will fit shoes, sneakers, ballet flats or even boots in the cool season!

School dress “Cell and not only”.

Combined model: free solid top with 3/4 sleeve length and delicate cuff + skirt in a cage with different shades of gray. Virtually any shoe will fit this stylish and comfortable dress every day. And to complete the image can be accessories: a choker, golf or a hat.

Jersey (Blue, Emerald or Burgundy)
This dress is simply a godsend for the LifeStyle urban fashionista, because it is so comfortable and relevant to everyday things! In the afternoon – for study, after class – walks with girlfriends or mugs, and in the evening – on a visit or to the theater. The upper part is fabric, the skirt is soft suede + natural lining. On the sides – pockets for girlish little things and shiny locks for added comfort and beauty!
This dress will be a great fit for a Malyna coat, trench coats and comfortable running shoes or boots!

School Dress (Dark or Light Blue)
This is her – the perfect school dress you’ve been looking for! A white collar, shoulders and part of a bodice. A clear horizontal line combines light and dark fabric with a seam parallel to the waist. The model delicately emphasizes the figure and gives an understanding that today, not only the “great” but also the fascinated views of classmates will be waiting for You!
At first glance, this austere dress fits equally well with boots and fancy sneakers or bright ballet flats.

Skirts with cells
Laconic classics that are always in fashion and will help create 1000 and 1 school bow! A short skirt with pockets that fits perfectly into a blouse, golf, shirt or even a gown!

Skirt Three Cells
A brave and hollow model that combined 3 different fabrics and all with cells. The pleated skirt looks so stylish in tandem with a blouse or shirt! And if you wear golf socks and sneakers, boots, or even light boots on your feet – the perfect image is ready!

Elongated white blouse with ruffles
This model is the same, indispensable basic thing in every schoolgirl’s wardrobe! How many ideas and images she will help to translate! The blouse can be worn as a self-contained wardrobe item with nothing or with a waist belt. What about experiments? The combination of Malyna skirts and sundresses of various lengths will give birth to a whole range of new images for every taste. What’s more, you can now change 2-3 bows a day without dressing as needed. Here it is – fashion multifunctionality!

Blouse (white or blue in stripes).
A model of stylish minimalism: a classic blouse for school days and special occasions. Delicately fitted, with an original scent on the back, it also blends in perfectly with the Malyna sneakers, jeans or skirts. This model is always the right solution for cherishing taste and experimenting with creating everyday bows.

White blouse with Do what you like. Like what you do.
Top model that embodies the motto of the school collection and the motto of all Malyna-girls! Classic style, impeccable white and an inscription that means more than just a set of letters. Every girl has a job that loves and loves what she does: learn, be friends, develop skills and make the world a better place. The shirt fits perfectly with skirts, pants, jeans and any outerwear, and the girl who wears it – will feel confident and inspired.

Blue School skirt 
She is gorgeous, she is versatile, she is stylish and elegant! And all this is about the Volan skirt, which will become one of the favorite things in the wardrobe.

Belt Do what you like. Like what you do.
An original accessory that will accentuate the girl’s waistline and become a permanent companion. It will help to create a complete image in tandem with a blouse, shirt or dress Malyna from the collection of the same name.

Golf Do what you like. Like what you do.
A unique accessory to help create a complete Malyna-Girl image. Style and comfort in one bottle: The slogan of the collection – adds confidence, while soft golf warms the legs!
Whatever we do, we have to enjoy it. Hearing yourself, enjoying life and discovering new opportunities is why it’s important to learn from a little age, and it will be twice as enjoyable with the new Malyna Collection!