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Your Autumn – your rules!

We all love summer, but it is not without reason that the most productive time of the fashion industry is autumn! This is a time of experimentation, eclecticism and a fresh look at the wardrobe! Time for soft fabrics, trendy shades and cozy oversize models! Malyna’s new fall collection includes a range of total look looks. Let the girls play by their own rules, because they like to feel independent and creative: pick up wardrobe items from the new collection, combine and create new stylish bows!

We used the trendy colors of this season and the highest quality material, and also put a pinch of love and sincere care in every thing, so now the choice is yours, little fashionistas!

Trouser suit in dark blue.

A non-trivial solution for school holidays or other events when you want to be Fasion in the literal sense of the word! It is successfully combined with golfs and elegant Malyna blouses, however, you can also safely create a rebel look with T-shirts and sneakers! A oversized blazer with a juicy raspberry lining will suit any type of figure. Pants are adjustable at the waist with an invisible rubber band. This adult and such a holistic image will not leave indifferent a single heart!

Knitted sweater gray or blue

The perfect autumn thing, must have in the wardrobe of every fashionista. A sweater with an actual knit that gives a feeling of coziness and comfort in any weather, and also perfectly suits both trousers, culottes or jeans, as well as skirts or light airy dresses! Warm and stylish at the same time? – now it’s easy!

Golf: raspberry, cream, graphite or mustard.

The basic model for the implementation of a wide variety of bows! Thin knitting, comfortable high neck, elegant fitted style: this is the perfect casual thing that will certainly become one of the girl’s favorite in the wardrobe! We recommend combining with Malyna skirts, trousers, culottes or even shorts!

Blue or milk dress in peas 

Light elegant model for every day, emphasizes the good taste and femininity of its owner! Gently envelops the figure, a bright belt emphasizes the waist. This dress is literally created for a number of images: from a romantic (in combination with shoes, a jacket or a cardigan) to an urban, rebellious (dress in tandem with a knitted sweater, sneakers or high boots).

52-piece trench coat

Before the trench, no girl from three to one hundred years old can stand it! Still: the sophistication of this model is worthy of the podium of the high fashion week. Impeccable lines, fashionable cut, attention to the smallest details in tandem create “Fashion bomb”! A successful combination of fabrics: a basic dark blue color and a small motley cell “coffee bean”. An elegant belt will accentuate the waist, and the handles can be hidden from the wind or bad weather in comfortable pockets. By the way: great news for mothers – fans of family look: this trench can be ordered for Malyna-girls of all ages! 🙂

Bright Striped Knit Dress

An ideal solution for girls who appreciate femininity and comfort! A cozy and stylish knitted model is equally successfully combined with bright tights, golf socks and almost any autumn shoes and outerwear!

 Knitted dress in dark blue

An ideal solution for girls who value comfort! The basic blue color will be successfully complemented by bright elements and accessories: a belt, a scarf, bright tights or knee-high socks! The dress is combined with almost any autumn shoes and outerwear!

Someone may think that autumn is not too fun at times, but we girls who choose to live brightly know that autumn is just one more opportunity! The ability to learn, plan, discover new facets and experiment. And yes, we know how to cheer ourselves up: just put on a stylish new thing from Malyna, smile at your reflection and say to yourself: “I am unique! This is my new autumn and here are my rules!”