Urban Spring with Malyna - Malyna

Urban Spring with Malyna

As soon as spring arrives, everything changes for the better: the first rays color the streets, erase the grim expression on their faces. Fuzzy shades are replaced by vibrant vibrant colors, each one an emotion, a call to action, a challenge to your routine!

Urban Spring is a new collection from Malyna that transmits a spring keynote and is embodied in stylish, vibrant cashew models. Each Malyna-girl this spring will be able to select the elements for a complete image, enjoying the original details, trendy print and current accessories! Dress or sweater? Cardigan or skirt shorts? There are so many options for Spring Look: you shouldn’t refuse to be creative, because when a girl is experimenting with colors, idle, flirting and enjoying life, not this spring?

Spring mood sweater is an essential base item for every girl’s wardrobe. Convenient classic overseas allows you to create hundreds of images: perfectly combined with skirts, pants, shorts, curtains and any footwear. It can be worn safely at any time of the year, because its good composition and succulent color guarantee daily comfort and bright mood.

Comfortable and so feminine, elongated tunic Spring mood raspberry color, will fit harmoniously into any wardrobe. Accentuate the figure and pair well with trousers, leggings, shorts, boots or boots.

Cardigan Spring mood is the perfect solution not only for spring onions! Optimal composition, practical knee length, overhead pockets and hood! Soft and cozy, it will protect from the cool wind, will create a spring mood! It will fit equally well with dresses, shorts, trousers or even jeans.

The Spring fun model captivates the hearts of girls who love active entertainment but do not want to deny themselves the pleasure of wearing a new skirt. Original short skirt shorts combined with a shirt, sweater, blouse or even a T-shirt is the perfect solution for every day! Is it cool outside? Add tights or leggings and your bow is ready!

In order to get the full feel of a bright accessory? The cherry on the cake and here it is – complete perfection? We decided to go to the end in the implementation of a holistic spring image and created … Spring style handbag! The optimal size to fit girlie little things, quality accessories and nice wool fabric. The girl’s heart will be subdued and Total look created!

Golfs are always so sweet and touching! The leg looks slimmer, while feeling warm and comfortable. Malyna Golfs can be worn on the bare feet or in addition to tights. The succulent color and small flower on the side will definitely appeal to the girl, and will fit perfectly to shorts, short skirts or tunics!

The milk fuchsia double-fuchsia dress is a wonderful cashew solution that, with the right shoes and accessories, will turn into a cocktail option. Stylish oversize, author’s print in large and small format, delicate ruffles and buttons … Could a spring dress be more original and comfortable?

The double-fuchsia dress is blossoming with new colors this spring. The author’s print in two versions looks elegant and unmatched, and the happy owner of the dress is guaranteed a great mood, compliments and a prominent place at any holiday or party!

Fuchsia’s Spring for every day Casual Dress is lightweight and comfortable yet filled with lush spring colors and floral energy. Perfectly matched with colorful tights, a cardigan and absolutely any footwear!

Little spring dress with Fuchsia print and slanting pleat is so delicate and concise that it is able to melt the ice and bewitch you at first sight! The dairy-based Fuchsia print does not require complex elements, so this model is as simple and delicate as possible: long sleeve, straight cut, ruffles and optimally comfortable length.

Lady Spring dress with ribbons and floral print. A delicate floral print in tandem with a juicy bright flurry. Raspberry ribbons frame the collar, waist and delicate flashlight sleeves. What it is? Obviously: a dress for the real lady and the right choice for a holiday, a party or even an ordinary weekday, when there is a desire to be filled with spring mood!

It is considered that the arrival of spring is worth watching alone with nature. It’s hard to disagree, but … the magic of spring in the city is special! Malyna’s Urban Spring is a mood in details and shades for everyday life, a time for beauty and inspiration in the midst of moody weekdays. This is what all girls need!