"School fashionistas" Who is she? - Malyna

“School fashionistas” Who is she?

Hearing the phrase “school uniform”, many girls yawn from boredom, squeak, and on the face of an unhappy grimace appears. Still!

Who wants to go all day in a boring, often not a stylish uniform? But if … school uniforms were strict and elegant at the same time?

Cardigans – soft, skirts – comfortable and nasty? We will add to this some restrained, but relevant accessories and … the image of a happy, self-confident schoolgirl is ready!

Such a school uniform will not leave indifferent any little fashionista, so with the thought of them, “Malyna” has created a new autumn collection “School fashion”. What is interesting in it? What are the shades in the trend of this season? Will not only be beautiful, but practically? Let’s take a look!

платье в школу нарядное


Dress “Gymnast” is refined and strict. She will perfectly match the girl of any age, and the appropriate color scheme will help focus on the training. The model combined 4 types of fabric and is made up of 95% of cotton and 5% of elastin. Elegant top of milk color, decorated with buttons and cuffs. The skirts of the saturated blue color will fit both light shoes or ballet shoes and autumn boots.

“School Fashion” – an original model that is simply created for the compliments of friends and the attention of classmates! The base color harmoniously complements the bright inserts in the fashion box, and colorful buttons and a light flannel skirt add charm and confidence!

Gray color in the trend? Of course! Dress for girls “Smart girl” is always a successful decision for school everyday life. But! If you decorate it with a black collar and cuffs, and add bright bright buttons to the dessert – a good mood and high ratings are guaranteed! It will fit elegant shoes, fashionable shoes or even autumn boots!

But school uniforms are not the only dresses, right?

“Coquette in a cell” is a cumbersome skirt-shorts in a fashion box that fits perfectly with a blouse, sweater or cardigan; comfortable cut guarantees comfort during fun games at a break! And in the case when the street gets cool – practical and stylish sting – the unalterable element of the wardrobe of any girl! There are dark green and dark blue colors.


Cardigan for a girl “Stylish Excellence” will definitely become a favorite thing in the autumn wardrobe! Mighty, like a mother’s hug, warm, pleasant, full of blue. The versatile cut and delicate bundle perfectly complement the image of a stylish cleverer! Long or short? – Choose you!


теплая школьная одежда

Create a finished image with stylish accessories? Brooch “Bunny”, “Lips” or original choker – another novelty from “Malyna”, which will certainly appreciate the schoolgirls!

The school bell will sound very soon, and small, tanned and rested for the summer hive, will begin the next academic year. In new outfits from “Malyna”, every girl will definitely feel confident and be happy with her elegance around her, and her parents – good mood and high ratings!