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Malyna brand

Malyna is a family brand that creates new traditions in the lives of girls.

My name is Yaryna Markevych, I am the founder of the brand. I have two daughters and a son.

Ярина Маркевич


Three years ago, my eldest daughter and I decided that beautiful, elegant things should be not only in her festive wardrobe, but also in everyday life. We have created a tradition – to make our holidays regardless of the calendar, and to look beautiful regardless of the presence or absence of a reason.

Our family tradition has become a family business. We create outfits for girls, for every day. Because life is the real holiday. And we celebrate it every day.

Ярина Маркевич


Three generations of women – create this story. The first trial models were stitched by my mom. And the main muses and models were my girls Malyna and Justyna. We take care of every moment in the girl’s life and accompany her. Festive and graduation dresses, casual wear, school uniform, outerwear and accessories.

Now MALYNA is not only a company “daughters-mothers”, but a big team.

Ярина Маркевич


We carefully select fabrics that we buy in different countries of Europe and the world.

Be sure to test them before sewing. The first models are developed in a specially created experimental workshop. Further models are sewn in our own production. Quality is what we are responsible for with our own name and care first.

The main thing for us is to do things as for our own children.

We adore what we do. Our main mission is to make girls happy and confident.

From childhood to educate – a sense of style.

Ярина Маркевич

But the main thing is not to wait for a special occasion, but to smile every day. Do not wait for a special event, and dress stylishly every day. Decorate and celebrate every day of your life.

Join our big Malyna family!